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Pedal Adjuster

The pedal adjuster is a safety feature designed to prevent injury to the driver during airbag deployment. The pedal adjuster allows the pedals to move towards the driver as opposed to the driver moving towards the pedals. This keeps the driver at a safe distance from the airbag and its potentially harmful deployment.

S.S. White makes Flexible Shafts that actuate a lead screw mechanism by transmitting torque through turns in a tight and confined space.

Power Sliding Door System

Many of today's minivans allow convenient hands-free entry and exit through a powered sliding door operated by remote.

In many automobiles, S.S. White Flexible Shafts transmit rotary motion from a small motor to a driving gear which slides the door back and forth along a track.

Power Seat Track

Automotive power seats have lead screws that make the seats move up and down; forward and back; and recline.


S.S. White Flexible Shafts transmit rotary motion through the tight turns and obstacles common in a seat track assembly.

S.S. White also offers a variety of technical solutions designed specifically for the automotive seat track industry for reducing noise and vibration.

Power Rear Lift Gate

Many of today's SUV's provide the option of a power rear lift gate that is remotely operated, leaving the driver's hands free for loading or unloading packages and cargo.

S.S. White Flexible Shafts transmit rotary motion from a small motor to a linear ball screw actuator that opens and closes the hatch.

Power Folding 3rd Row Seat

Some larger SUV's feature a third row of seats which can automatically fold down flat for extra cargo room at the touch of a button.


S.S. White Flexible Shafts transmit rotary motion to actuate linear screw systems in opening and folding these seats.

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