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Unique Things About S.S. White

We have been in business a long time and have met with much success throughout our history.

Along the way we have carved out our own niche in various areas making us a unique and interesting company.

Here are some of the unique things about S.S. White that make us stand apart.

Our Rich Heritage
  • S.S. White is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States.

  • We were founded in 1844. This is not a typo, we have been in business for 177 years!

  • We are featured in the book, " Middlesex County : Crossroads of History" as a manufacturing company with a unique and fabled history.

  • We are the world leader in flexible shaft technology, and the leader in systems for removal of Orthopedic Implants.

  • S.S. White was the first company to design a flexible shaft in 1874 for a high-speed cable engine used for drilling teeth.

  • In 1911 S.S. White was the first company to design a speedometer cable for Ford. Prior to this all speedometer cables were chain links.

  • We manufactured and designed the first shaft assembly to drive an aircraft tachometer in fighter planes for World War II.

  • S.S. White designed the first flexible shaft for automotive Power Seat Applications in 1960s

  • First to develop technology for Abrasive Jet Machining.

  • More recently, we were the first company to develop a Universal Intra-Medullary Nail extraction system for Orthopedic surgery.

  • 98% of all aircraft flying today utilizes at least one part manufactured by S.S. White.

  • This includes all aircraft including fixed wing or helicopter; commercial, military, or business; propeller or jet.

  • The only exceptions to this are Russian aircraft.

  • When you come to work with us, you will be working with some of the brightest minds from all across the globe!

  • Many of our managers have advanced degrees in their respective field ranging from a Masters to PhD.

  • We are not run by a corporation; we are a privately held, independent company.

  • This is one manufacturing company that is not for sale. A large corporation cannot come and gobble us up. We are proud to be us.

  • Our identity and heritage are not for sale.

  • When you help us grow, you will understand that we will be around for a long time and you will also grow with us.

  • Under the leadership of our President/CEO Rahul Shukla, this company has been profitable every single quarter, of every single year for since 1988.

  • We have doubled our sales in the last 10 years.

  • Town Hall Meetings: All employees gather once a month in a Town Hall meeting where they get an update on every aspect of the business.

  • On-Time Delivery Bonus: We strive to have all shipments delivered on time. When we reach an on time delivery percentage of 97-100% every employee is issued a $200 bonus for that month.

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