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Full-time S.S. White employees enjoy a wide range of outstanding benefits as soon as they complete each plan's eligibility waiting period. 

Part-time S.S. White employees are eligible for partial benefits. 

Temporary S.S. White employees are not entitled to any benefits. 

This is only a broad summary of the company's policies and is subject to change or variance at the company's discretion. Neither this nor anything a management representative may tell you or give you in writing should necessarily be considered an employment agreement. 

Many of the employee benefits are provided through outside insurance carriers. Each specific plan details its eligibility coverage, specific benefits, etc. and should be consulted regarding any specific topic.

Some additional benefits that S.S. White offers are:

  • 100% Company paid medical, dental, life and accident insurance

  • Long & Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • Vision Benefits

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

  • Additional Voluntary Life and AD&D insurance for employee, spouse and child.

  • Worker's Compensation Benefits

  • Bereavement Leave

  • Direct Deposit  

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