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Flexible Time Off Policy

Exempt employees are, by law, not eligible for overtime pay. 

Non-exempt employees are still considered salaried employees but are paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime pay. 

If you are unsure of your status, ask your supervisor or Human Resources. 

During your first year of service, FTO will provide paid time off on a pro-rated basis for vacation, personal business, and sick leave*. 

*Sick leave for a period of more than five continuous workdays will be covered under the Long-Term Disability Benefit. 

Schedule for FTO


  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 0 to 2 years ----> 3 Weeks

  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 2 to 7 years ----> 4 Weeks

  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 7 + years -- ----> 5 Weeks


  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 0 to 2 years ----> 2 Weeks

  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 2 to 7 years ----> 3 Weeks

  • LENGTH OF SERVICE : 7 + years -- ----> 4 Weeks

Jury duty, military reserve training, bereavement leave for deaths in the immediate family (up to three days) and maternity / paternity days will not be charged to FTO. 

New employees can use FTO days after their first week of employment. However, if the employee ceases to be employed for 90 calendar days, he will owe the company back for the number of FTO days that were used.