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Power Tools

Hand held rotary power tools, using S.S. White Flexible Shafts and casing, have set the standard in American-made quality, power and performance. They are used in a wide range of power tools for hand grinding, deburring, carving, sanding, cleaning, buffing and polishing. They are also used in dental laboratories, jewelry making, and woodcarving

Power Sander

The Power Sander - a common tool of the construction industry - actually has a Flexible Shaft working inside it. The remote control type flexible shaft, encased in the long, rigid tube of the power sander, operates elements which carry control movements between parts within the sander. The Flexible Shaft transmits rotary power connecting the motor at one end and the revolving sanding disc at the other.

Antenna Application

S.S. White Flexible Shafts are excellent for accurate and efficient two-way transfer of data. Flexible Shafts are used as flexible antennas in cellular phones, portable two-way radios, wireless local loops, etc.

Law Enforcement

S.S. White Flexible Shafts are the actuating part in tire deflation devices. These devices were developed in conjunction with the American National Institute of Justice to: "Halt fugitive vehicles by puncturing the tires with sharp protruding spikes."

One type of tire deflation device uses a Flexible Shaft to transfer motion from the control box to the spikes. The officer lays the road spike flat on the road with the spikes facing down until the suspect vehicle approaches. When the vehicle is close, the officer, from a safe distance, presses the control to rotate the Flexible Shaft causing the spikes to face up. A major advantage of this system over other tire "puncture" systems is that by turning the Flexible Shaft again the spikes can be lowered so police vehicles in pursuit do not have their tires flattened.

Reach Rods

S.S. White Flexible Shafts are often used to remotely actuate valves.

Typical applications are in ships, where valves buried deep within the hull of the ship can be actuated from the top deck 60 feet away by use of a Flexible Shaft.

Other common applications include chemical and power plants where many valves spread out over a distance need to be accessed from one location.

Other Applications

S.S. White Flexible Shafts are used to frank postage on envelopes in mass mailing machines; in gas pumps allowing gas pump readers to monitor usage of gasoline; and have many applications in woodcarving shops, dental appliances and hobby tools.

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